17 July 2012

Declutter your home today

The Flow of Energy  - How important is it?

Good energy flow brings wealth, good health and everything that people consider part of the formula for success. If energy can’t flow through our homes or apartments, major parts of our lives will suffer.

What Meaning Does Your Clutter Have?
For people with a hoarding problem, which is classified as a psychological disorder, their clutter in their lives, become a part of their identity. They hold on to “stuff” until it becomes a part of them.

Watching as hoarders disconnect themselves from their stuff makes for captivating television. It’s dramatic. It’s life-changing....

Guess what? Getting rid of clutter can be life-changing for you, too.... if it hasn’t yet destroyed your life. While letting go of clutter and the memories and feelings it holds may be emotionally draining, once you release the meaning of that clutter in your life, it doesn’t have to be painful.

First, evaluate why you are holding on to certain items. Is it because you feel you’re not worthy of something better? Would you feel guilty getting rid of gifts people's given you? Do you hope this clutter (such as unused shoes or pc) will motivate you to make a change, but really all it does is create guilt and add pressure to your life? Does surrounding yourself with objects make you feel wealthy, even though the clutter could be blocking the opportunities that could help you create real wealth?

Let’s have a look at  patterns of clutter people create that block the flow in their life, and why it’s so important to get rid of them immediately.

1: Surrounding yourself with unfinished or incomplete items or projects
What it means: Do you have stacks of photos that you will some day put in frames or picture albums? Unfinished arts and crafts albums? Projects begun in earnest and then abandoned? If these type of items haunt your home or apartment, you might feel stuck in other ways as well.

How to get rid of this clutter: Make a decision to finish the project and set a deadline. If it’s not done by that time, sell it, pass it on to someone else, or get rid of it. As you re-visit the project, you may decide you have no interest in it. Then get rid of it right away.

2: Anything that’s broken
What it means: Broken items can represent your lack of self-worth. You may feel unloved and unworthy of love.

How this clutter hurts you: Low self-esteem is tied to unhappiness, loneliness, and a failure to advance in your career. But you’re not broken — and you deserve better than a home full of broken things!

How to get rid of this clutter: Fix it, give it to someone who wants to fix it, or toss it. (Remember, it’s broken and you deserve better!)

3:  Small things
What this clutter means: If you fill your life with tiny, cheap knick-knacks, clothing accessories and other small items, you might not be leaving room in your life for the bigger things that can help bring you true happiness.

Just like holding on to broken items , filling your home or apartment with small things could indicate you don’t feel you are worth more.

How this clutter hurts you: By spending money on many small things, you’re not permitting yourself to save for the big things that can really enhance your quality of life, such as a nicer home, a vacation or, even more significantly, furthering your education to get a better job or saving for retirement to create better peace of mind.

How to get rid of this clutter: This can be a difficult one, since small items create a lot of clutter but may also make you happy or serve a purpose. Look at your collections and keep the items that you truly enjoy, that blend in with your home’s decor and that bring you happiness. Group them together. Create a space for everything in your home, and get rid of anything that doesn’t have a space.

Take Action To Improve Your Life Today
Look around. What does the clutter in your life say about you? What kind of clutter patterns keep coming up in your life? Some people experience more than one of these patterns. How could you change your life today by clearing the clutter from your home or apartment?

London Spa Girl x

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