30 October 2012

Easy detox ideas after overindulgence

Hey how was your weekend?
Mine was amazing. However I was a little too naughty with my food.
I usually allow myself to have a couple of days a week when I have treats such as burger&fries, afternoon tea with scones, steak, cake, wine etc. You get the idea....
Then I usually spend the following 5 days trying to eat extremely healthy to help my body heal the damage I've inflicted.


The liver, especially takes a beating when we overindulge as this organ is responsible for the metabolism of fats, removes wastes, and detoxifies the body’s system. It is the liver’s job to get rid of the excess fat, protein and all the unnatural chemicals found in food, the environment, cosmetics and water supply. If the liver cannot eliminate these toxins, they are stored in the body’s fat and the result is weight gain and illness...

Here are some tips on how to quickly get your liver back into shape.

1. Take 2 milk thistle pills a day for 5 days. Milk thistle is a powerful herbal detoxifier that helps your liver regenerate and recover fast. You can buy this inexpensive herb from most health stores such as Holland and Barrett or Boots. For more info on milk thistle click here

2. Take a spoonful of apple cider vinegar, followed by a glass of water first thing in the morning for 5 days.
If you do not like the taste of vinegar
go for a freshly squeezed lemon juice in a glass of water. It flushes the toxic build-up that your liver has generated overnight.

3. Drink only mineral water and fresh carrot, and apple juice. It's really a wonder drink. A healing tonic for your liver. For more info on carrot juice click here

4. Try eating only a plant based diet- veggies, veggie soups, salads, rice, beans, that kind of thing...
If possible avoid animal protein such as yogurt, milk, meat, fish, eggs.

5. Use only virgin coconut oil instead of a body lotion. There are many nasties your skin absorbs from your regular body creams. Through the blood stream these toxins go directly to your liver and slow down its recovery. Coconut oil on the other side is edible, packed with essential fats, nourishing and smells divine.
Try it out. I love it
For more info on coconut oil benefits click here

My favourite chopped salad recipe:
Beef tomato
Ripe Avocado
6-7 Radishes
Red Romano pepper
Raw pumpkin seeds
5 basil leaves
Juice of half a lemon
Olive oil

Simply chop the ingredients and mix with the oil and salt. Delicious!

London Spa Girl x

29 October 2012

Babington House


Fantastic country house hotel from the Soho House chain - warm - cosy - clean - casual .....you really feel at home!

We wanted a weekend away that didn't involve getting on a plane or leaving our pooch behind but without compromising on quality - all boxes ticked.

The service was excellent, friendly and helpful from the moment we pulled up and bags whisked away, to the moment we left. It was just perfect. 

Very much recommended if you want a relaxing experience, reading books, sleeping, taking care of your body at the spa, gym or pool.

So in essence was exactly as expected. Interesting people. Good vibe. 
Great foods completes the experience - don't miss tea & scones served at 4,30 pm.

So the good bits:

- Lovely, very friendly staff; nothing is too much trouble
- Great atmosphere, overly encouraging bar area
- Simple menus, but food well executed (antithesis of Michelin star menus), comforting
- Pools, both inside and outside very nice. Must cost a fortune to heat the outside one

I really hope Soho House owners decide to keep investing at a proper level in Babington because there really is nothing else like it in the UK. Specially if you want that country, unique, not corporate type of night away.


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