30 April 2012

Are you going with the flow ....



........or sabotaging your own happiness?

Awakening one morning in my sunny bedroom 12 years ago, I heard myself saying out loud, "So I’m moving to London..." The words were part exclamation, part question, and they woke me up completely. As surprised as I was, I also experienced a happy, pleasurable feeling...

But by the next day, I had dismissed the whole thing as just an odd dream....After all I cozily lived in Sofia, had a great job, great group of friends and hardly knew a soul in London...
Then out of the blue came a phone call from my work offering to sponsor my buisness studies at a London University.
A week later I received a letter from my landlord: Flat was going to be put on the market..

A dream, an opportunity, an offer, the boot - the message was unmistakable. So I willingly closed down my life in charming little Sofia, and moved to London. 

I had a great opportunity to move abroad and I took it almost instinctively. To this day I still wonder how much has changed since that day.

They say information is not necessarily knowledge, knowledge can come only from experience. This way of life requires you to pay attention to meaningful coincidences and go with the flow.

When you experience flow on a daily basis, synchronicities such as these are as natural to you as breathing. Although by its very nature, synchronicity cannot be created, controlled, or planned, when you live a life of flow, you can practically depend on synchronicity to show up.

Notice the words: it’s when you experience flow — not if. That’s because the power of flow is absolutely attainable. To experience it requires first of all that you choose to undertake that process. Then you must develop the necessary skills, much as you do when you learn to ride a bike: it takes focus to learn the basics and practice to make it second nature — but once you know how to do it, you enjoy ease and smoothness.
To truly be happy though, you have to support your own happiness. You have to be 100% behind yourself, supporting your own actions, choices, and decisions. If you don't think that accurately describes you, you've got some work to do! First and foremost, you must believe that your happiness is worthwhile.

Sad as it is to say, too many people are actually sabotaging their own happiness - and most of them are doing so unknowingly. In life, there are many things we cannot control. We cannot control other people. We cannot control the weather. We cannot control some of the circumstances we find ourselves in. But we can control ourselves and the way we choose to live life.

Be silly!

Have blind faith in yourself.
Everything happens for a reason
Never lose childish enthusiasm!

I wear no wings, see no auras. But to me, life works in magical and surprising ways when I truly trust my intuition and have infinite patience. Infinite patience means having an absolute knowing you're in vibrational harmony with the Source. You know that everything will happen at just the right time, just the right place with just the right people. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the ride!

When I'm in that state, I experience meaningful coincidences after meaningful coincidences. They add magic to my life, and tell me that the action I’m taking is safe and true and right. And they point the way to new opportunities....

For thousands of years, before  Da Vinci and Newton, and the beginnings of modern science, people believed that all of nature was a single organism and that everything was connected. Responsiveness to signs from the Universe was a normal part of daily life, for everything from passing clouds to passing events was perceived to speak in ways that mattered.

Struggling to define the essence of this underlying connectedness, people used words such as God, essential life force, universal mind, higher power. But these words fell far short of reality because, by their nature, words limit and contain—and the nature of this unified connectedness can’t be boxed in or tied down.

This interrelatedness is something for which we have an intuitive sense. Even if we have no formal beliefs about a higher power, the concept of being connected to a dynamic force beyond ourselves shows up in an ordinary, everyday phrase: "in the flow", "go with the flow", we might say, or "I’m really in the flow today".

Flow is the natural, effortless unfolding of our life in a way that moves us toward wholeness and harmony. When you are going with the flow you feel increasingly better, when you are going against the flow, you feel increasingly worse. It's that simple!

Going with the flow means pursuing only things that make you happy and having the courage to adapt when things don't go as planned.

Flow runs through everyone’s life, and proof of that interconnectedness is all around us. It's marked by two types of occurrences: synchronicity and fortuitous events. As the experience of flow increases in our lives, so do these occurrences. And the more we trust the flow the stronger our intuition gets.

Synchronicity was coined by Carl Jung, who, after watching its effect on his patients, defined it as "meaningful coincidence that cannot be explained by cause and effect".
He believed synchronicity to be the “acausal connecting principle” that demonstrates the dynamic interrelationship between our consciousness and the outer world. As he defined it, synchronicity often takes the form of the coming together of an inner and outer event in a way that has an emotional or psychological impact on us and that gives us a sense of being part of a larger whole. His definition includes not only coincidental happenings but also dreams that foretell an event and inexplicable knowledge we have of events occurring at the same time but elsewhere.

Going with the flow is the ultimate feedback machine. It responds directly to our beliefs, behaviours, and actions. We can either enhance this state of perfect timing and flawless serendipity, or we can diminish it and even cut it out. When we become open, willing, trusting, we experience flow as fulfilment and joy, and synchronicities pop up all over the place. When we become fearful, doubting, controlling, flow diminishes, our day is filled with blocks and frustrations, and synchronicities cease

By its very nature, we cannot directly cause synchronicity to happen - and yet it responds to our needs. It boggles the mind because it seems as though the Universe swings into place to give us what we need.

We experience the power of flow when:

*Things fall into place, obstacles melt away, and whatever is necessary - money, times, work, people, opportunities - appears as needed. Flow eases the way. It’s like the intricate workings of a fine Swiss clock - all the gears and parts mesh smoothly to move things forward. This doesn’t mean we sit back and take things easy when we’re in flow: we are doing all our necessary daily activities and routines, such as making phone calls and running errands. But things happen naturally and easily, and before long, we can’t remember living any other way.

*We find ourselves in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. Coming into flow involves knowing ourselves deeply, which gives us growing certainty about what we need for our happiness and where we fit in the world. As we move in the direction of balance and wholeness, our choices are constantly affirmed by synchronicities and fortuitous events. If we start doubting, something may happen to bring us renewed confidence that we’re where we should be - a phone call, a lucky break, a fresh opportunity, money out of nowhere.

*Perfect timing smooths the way in long - term and everyday logistics. With the power of flow, one thing leads into another without wasted time or effort. This can mean reaching a friend by phone minutes before she’s walking out the door for a week, or turning on the radio just in time to hear news that’s important at our job that day, or arriving at the corner just as the bus does. Or it may mean that when we’re delayed by traffic and arrive fifteen minutes late at a restaurant, the friend we’re meeting arrives just then too. It can mean that we apply to a company for work and learn that an opening has just occurred because someone with precisely our qualifications has just quit. Or that we meet our future spouse at the only time in years that we are simultaneously available and open to a new relationship.

*Life unfolds as a dynamic process. We begin to experience, in a practical way, the fluctuating, constantly changing nature of existence. We understand that everything has a timing and a pacing of its own. Instead of struggling to get what we need, we relax into a situation. We follow our intuition and watch for feedback from life. We learn when to push and when to pull; when to speak and when to be silent; when to advance and when to retreat. We do our best in whatever we do, and we trust that what happens is supposed to happen.

*Events and actions mesh together in a coherent pattern of deep harmony and underlying order. Life seems purposeful and integrated rather than chaotic and meaningless. Our actions and decisions arise from and merge into a larger pattern that affects others we come into contact with, and we in turn are affected by them. We realise that everything we do matters.

Flow, in short, fills our days with meaning, purpose, and ease. And best of all, it has a very accessible entry point - synchronicity, which we can clearly see operating in our lives once we understand how it presents itself.

My synchronicities have taken me to wonderful places, brought me success and great friendships but more importantly fun and laughter. I'm one lucky lady!




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by Paulo Coelho

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London Spa Girl x

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