25 April 2012

DIY - My kinda fast food

Chipolatas with grilled asparagus, vine ripe tomato and avocado salad

Today the Vitamin D3 is not quite cutting it for me to be honest. When it's been  raining 24/7 as it have in the past few days I start craving food....lots of it....and fast...

I'll show you that it's absolutely possible to make a great healthy fast food dinner for 2 that costs under £10.
All products are from my local M&S. Preparation and cooking time 15 minutes. I promise you...

Oh yes, I do cook!

All raw ingredients for the salad - vine ripe tomatoes, avocado,
romano pepper and asparagus

I rarely eat meat but if I do I choose organic when possible.
These French sausages are really delicious. 88% of it is made of meat and almost no additives apart from pimentos and some natural herbs. Yum!

Virgin olive oil and chopped fresh garlic for a salad dressing.
Add a pinch of sea salt.

Dry (no oil) pan fry the asparagus for about 5 mins.
I like my asparagus crunchy!

Chipolatas could be roasted or pan fried. I prefer the latter as it's faster. Cooking time is about 4 mins.

Chop the tomatoes, avocado and pepper and mix them with the dressing. Wait for the grilled asparagus to cool down, cut them in halves and add to the salad.
E Voila! Perfect 40/60 ratio acid/alkaline meal. It's hard to believe all this was just simple ingredients 15 mins ago, isn't it?
Fast food dinner for 2 for £10!


London Spa Girl x

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