19 April 2012

Modern Love

I recently went to the opening night of my friend Jerry's exhibition for the Day Four Magazine at the Print Space Gallery in Shoreditch. The theme was “Modern Love”. 22 gifted photographers from around the world contributed to the issue – a selection of their photos were exhibited in the group show.

In our society, the significance and definition of love has changed throughout time. Homosexuality used to be prosecuted, now we celebrate gay culture. Love used to be defined by a private relationship between a woman and a man and the concept of the family.
Nowadays, divorce is common, marrying your partner is not compulsory and we find love online. Simultaneously, various concepts of love are now leading to cultural conflicts.

The liberty of being able to love whoever you like, and to express love freely can cause struggle and violence.
lesbian kiss
Love is Love
The exhibited works consider who, what and how we love. Although many of the actual concepts are timeless – such as the family, or falling in love – the way we approach those subjects – finding a partner, defining family – are 21st-century.

Once upon a time, the concept of loving your job would have been impossible, and not loving your country would have been a major offence.

In the 21st century we love Justin Bieber, a football team, or The X-Factor, and express that love in ways previous generations could have never imagined.

Check out the video from the event. I happen to be in it (2:08)

London Spa Girl x

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