25 April 2012

Vitamin D3 - Flu and bad mood buster

The current weather in London is driving me mad.
It is without a doubt that English weather is unpredictable to say the least! One day you may have clear, sunny skies and the next snow may be falling (I know, be careful with the S word!). Not only that, but there are vast changes in the forecast within hours.

The long days of darkness that occur in the UK can lead to a deficiency of Vitamin D3. The deficiency, called Seasonal Affective Disorder,  can result in experiencing depression symptoms.

Vitamin D3 supplements can't replace our human need for sunlight but if you're feeling Aaaaaaahhhhh!!! like me when we can't get enough sun, the best thing to do is to take supplements to get our Vitamin D3 up to optimum levels, boosting the mood, protecting the bones , prevent the flu and improving the overall health.    

D3 is growing in popularity as a way to prevent flu. Current medical research has identified a correlation between seasonal Vitamin D3 levels and the flu. The more sun, the less illness. The less sun, the more flu. Research has also shown that vitamin D3 prevents respiratory infections in adults and children. Lots of flu remedies provide flu relief, but Vitamin D actually prevents flu. It is especially effective at preventing respiratory illness making it a perfect flu medicine.
You can get your Vitamin D3 from any health store such as Holland and Barrett or the Wholefoods. I personally prefer Solgar's D3. You can buy it online here

Minimum strength D3 for Londoners is 2200 International Units.
Click here to buy online from Solgar's website

London Spa Girl x

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