26 April 2012

My obsession with Coconut oil

You can buy Biona Coconut oil from most health stores such as Wholefoods,
Holland and Barrett and Planet organic
There is a great deal online for 200ml jar for  £4.39 here

Hi everyone,

I'm always talking about Coconut oil to my friends so I decided to dedicate an entire post to this.
My name is Tina and I’m a coconut oil-aholic and I honestly can't picture my life without it! Its my absolute favorite product.

Whoever decided it was a good idea to squelch a coconut into oblivion was a GENIUS. Coconut could be the beauty answer to any skin problem...

Got dry skin? Coconut oil.
Uneven skin tone? Coconut oil.
Dull, dry hair? Coconut oil.
Bad nails, rough skin, dark under-eye circles, chapped lips? Coconut oil.
Not even joking. It's my healing miracle product.

Coconut oil at room temperature is a white, waxy looking solid that usually comes in a jar. When heated in your palms, it becomes this amazingly silky oil that you can pretty much do anything with.
I recommend the virgin raw coconut oil by Biona organic which you can find at the Wholefoods for about £5 a jar. A jar like the one above will last you for about a month.
Another great Coconut oil brand is the one below.

Tiana's coconut oil is a premium quality oil. For more info on this product click here
There is a great deal at Holland and Barrett's website for £16.49 for 500ml jar here
For another amazing online offer 200ml jar for £9.24 click here

Here are all the wonderful ways I use it:
*Body & Face Moisturizer: This is amazing when it comes to moisturizing the skin! I use it all over my body. Wait a couple minutes to let your skin absorb it.  It's detoxifying, anti-aging, hydrating, anti-bacterial, clarifying and prevents free radicals formation. It's rich in essential fatty acids (think omegas), vitamin E and antioxidants. Also it gives you a subtle coconutty scent that is just yummy! It's just such an amazing natural product that cannot be rivalled by any synthetically made lotion.

*On my Hair: Not only is coconut oil a great cure for dandruff and itchy scalp, it also repairs damaged hair. A study done in India found that coconut oil actually prevents protein loss in hair and effectively penetrates the hair shaft for maximum moisture-power making hair extremely glossy and healthy. That’s pretty amazing for such a simple, affordable product isn't it?
I usually  massage the oil onto my scalp and leave it for at least 30 minutes before showering, but I usually leave it overnight to really allow it to do its miracle. Then wash it really well and condition as usual. Done twice a week your hair stylist will start telling you that you have the softest hair they’ve ever seen. This happens to me every time I go get my hair cut, it’s fabulous!
Check out how shiny my hair was this morning:

I left the oil on overnight. Honestly my hair smells

*Makeup remover: Have never been able to find a good make-up remover that can calm down my irritation until I started using coconut oil.  It removes very well all types of make-up, even waterproof one! Its the most affordable & safe way to remove makeup.

*Weight loss aid: The coconut oil (not water) is amazing for loosing belly fat & supports and aids immune system function. It promotes loss of excess weight by increasing metabolic rate. I recommend a tablespoon every morning. Make sure you wait an hour before you eat.
According to a recent article in Wellbeing magazine, in the 1940s farmers experimented feeding their animals with inexpensive coconut oil. They expected that it would support rapid weight gain. The opposite happened. Rather than gaining weight, the animals became lean and strong.

Coconut oil's saturated fat is of the medium-chain fatty acid variety, which are digested more easily and utilised differently by the body than other saturated fats (such as butter, meat and eggs). Whereas other saturated fats are stored in the body's cells, the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil are sent directly to the liver where they are immediately converted into energy. Coconut oil will actually speed up metabolism so your body will burn more calories in a day which will contribute to weight loss. Coconut oil supports healthy metabolic function and is a revered anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal agent.

*Cook with Coconut Oil: I also use coconut oil to cook with. It is much healthier and tastes the same as other oils!
It’s nice to have the science to back up what my body wisdom already knows. Coconut oil is a keeper. I keep finding new ways to add this beneficial oil into my daily life to support health and vitality.
For more information on coconut oil, including links to research and facts cited in this article, visit www.coconutoil.com and  www.coconutresearchcenter.org

I also recommend Dr. Bruce Fife's book  The Coconut oil miracle. You can find it online at Amazon.co.uk here.

London Spa Girl x

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