20 October 2012

Are you ready for a Dirty Burger?

Tonight I had possibly the best cheeseburger I've ever tried in London.
I know it's a bold statement but I was truly blown away by the Dirty burger by the Soho house in Kentish town.

What constitutes an amazing burger some would ask? Hmmm... my definition is that if you find yourself eating silently with your eyes closed, ignoring everything around you, you have come upon a burger that can be pronounced a great success.
I've always claimed I'd go a long way for good food, and indeed I did.
I traveled 20 mins in my boyfriend's car to Kentish town, which is an area I'm unfamiliar with, looking for the burger of my dreams.
I've eaten crazy food before. I've had Kobe burgers for £40 a piece, bison burgers, ostrich ones, foie gras burgers, Byron burger, gourmet burgers, Mcdonald's etc. They've never impressed me much. I also found no correlation between price and tastiness.

So about my Dirty burger tonight.
It was cooked to perfection, medium rare. The patty was thick, extra juicy, gooey and of course dirty, everything you want in a burger..

Let me say, I don't think you can find a better burger in London. These guys definitely know how to make an epic cheeseburger and are on a different playing field from everybody else.

I'm so excited Dirty burger is opening in Notting hill very soon...

79 Highgate road
London NW5 1TL

No booking. None

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