02 June 2012

Are you Hungry or simply Thirsty?

When people eat when they are not really hungry, they run the risk of becoming overweight and suffering the associated risks...


We don't understand the difference between hunger, thirst and sometimes, recreational eating for the sake of eating. Why is this?

I believe there are a whole bunch of reasons most important of which is that a lot of us cannot read our bodies' internal signals.  We're not drinking enough water, and consequently, we mistake thirst for hunger.

So a good self-check before you head for the fridge is to gauge how much water you've drunk so far that day. How much do you need? More than you think! And no, not all liquid counts as hydration. Some beverages like tea, soda and coffee dehydrate. Personally, I drink a minimum of four 24-ounce bottles of water a day.  I drink coffee, so I need that much water. On a particularly hot day, I will drink more.

Proper hydration is one of the keys, not only to staying fit and healthy, but to looking and feeling our best, as well.

If you avoid dehydration, you can avoid overeating.

As Dr. Cousens says, “When you start to hydrate, then your appetite goes down because you’re actually fulfilling what your body needs—which is water. And that’s also a very powerful way to lose weight, but also, in a sense, the hydration makes everything, including your brain, work a lot better.”

Some people think drinking soda, tea and coffee counts as hydration, and the problem is that these beverages simply cause people to eat more nutritionally devoid foods, not to mention they are diuretic and extremely dehydrate your body. Please read my blog on the Dangers of diet soda for more info..

So next time feeling like snacking I advice the following:

London Spa Girl x

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