21 June 2012

Phone pics catchup

I've been MIA lately for which I apologise. So much's been happening and so little time to blog about it!

Everything's been pretty amazing apart from this ghastly weather which has been playing on my nerves. I'm stocking up on my Vitamin D3 as it July looks like will be rainy as well.

Here is a quick catchup in pictures from the past month.
Love x

Shopping for cool furniture

My ideal lunch...in the park. Greek salad and roasted aubergine

Maria's Birthday lunch at Daphne's in Chelsea

Celebrating my friend  Maria's BD

Dephne's restaurant

My lunch lately...Buttered Rye toast with fresh avocado and tomato

London celebrating the Queen's diamond jubilee in style. Great fun!

In honour of the Queen's jubilee! Union Jack painted door in Notting hill.
Very proud I'm getting my UK passport soon. Have been procrastinating it for years.

Pub processional with some peeps

Oh la la! Shopping in style...

Too much use of  'Buongiorno Pricipessa' from Life is Beautiful..... apologise to all of you who've been
subjected to this treatment!
You know who you are...

Amazing dinner at my friend Batsheva's house. Food looks familiar? Yes, all recipes were taken from my food blogs
Batsheva called it 'Tina inspired food'. Aaaah:). Hearts
A happy pooch in a basket!

Bike rides through Hyde park

Aston Martin with lipstick kisses!
....hmmm not mine

Ironic, isn't it..

on my 'to watch' list this weekend

Read more about Acid/Alkaline balance here

Heaven in a pot! 100% coconut yoghurt (dairy and sugar free) from Wholefoods and Planet Organic

Looking for some 'above the bed' shelving ideas

Worst British summer I've ever seen!
Trying Portugal soon..
hmmmmm....a sweet present...;)

Tried to organise Glyndebourne this month. It's  proven too hard...

My daily fresh Carrot and spirulina juice from Crussh!
Spirulina is a superfood
Some of the health benefits are:• Encouraging weight loss
• Counteracting toxins in the body
• Helping purify the liver
• Increasing mental alertness
• Lowering blood cholesterol and excess triglycerides
• Helping fight viral infections
• Treating radiation sickness
• Enhancing ability to generate new blood cells
• Improving blood sugar problems
• Strengthening the nervous system
• Strengthening the immune system
• Removing toxic metals such as lead and mercury from the body

Read more about Consciousness levels here

Eversince I gained 5 pounds and rolled back from Italy, I've been trying to get my normal weight back.
Trying to utilise the Acid/Alkaline diet . Seems to be working but to be frank it's pretty hard,
especially since I've allowed myself to eat pretty much anything my heart desired in sunny Italy....
Trial and error...

Bumped into the Queen in Notting hill...

Obsession with espadrilles

Walking and photographing my obsession like some kind of unstoppable moron..

My new handmade  leather satchel from Portobello road. Only £35

Fooling around with this new App called Paper Camera. Pretty cool. Give it a try!

A new bracelet from www.colette.fr

More espadrilles...Please, somebody stop me!
Yeah....something I've been trying to master for a while and proved impossible!!!:)

London Spa Girl x

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