23 June 2012

My dream house

 A Oui Bit of French Flair

I literally adore the simple look of French decor. I appreciate all aspects of French design from the most rustic, farm/country look that is so popular today all the way to the most formal and opulent castle worthy decadence (though not for me personally). Much to their credit, the French have great design nailed!

My dream house is on a beach, with huge French windows and a view of the Ocean. Probably the image closest to my dream is the house featured in the film 'Something's gotta give'.

Bedroom from 'Something's gotta give'
Sitting room from 'Something's gotta give'

Kitchen from 'Something's gotta give'

I have a huge collection of photos, way too many to put into one post but today is my ode to all the fabulousness that is French design. Whether it's a French chair, or a certain colour palette, gorgeous paneling in a French style, whatever it might be that struck me, here is some of the inspiration I have  from beautiful French decor.

French doors and windows 

There is just something about the image of opening French doors or windows that invigorates the soul and allows you to feel a bit more empowered as you welcome the day...

French bedroom

A "Boudoir Chic" design is my favorite type of style for the bedroom. It is glamorous and feminine and looks beautiful when done in soft nude, beige and cream palettes.

My idea of a perfect "Boudoir Chic" bedroom would look something like this…

And a perfectly organized closet with beautiful wood paneling and a matching wooden chair.

.....a dream walk in closet

French Kitchen

French Bathroom


Love a delicate french chair in a bathroom

Living space



Nothing like a gorgeous armoire next to a fabulous French chair...

London Spa Girl x



  1. We have the same preference for a dream house. Like you, I also want my house to be constructed beside the sea, with huge French windows allowing me to view the stunning sea and the beautiful surroundings. Living in this kind of house is like creating your own sanctuary where you can relax, meditate, and contemplate after an exhausting day.

  2. You have a great taste in design! My dream however is quite small compared to yours. My dream house just has a large two-storey estate with a large lawn and backyard. The rooms will be in the Victorian era style, with neutral colors, and the walls could be an ecru color. As for the curtains, hmm, I haven’t thought of that yet. What do you think? Is it good or what?

    1. Hi Lakisha
      I like dreaming big:) Hopefully my dreams will manifest one day.
      So glad you liked my imaginary house
      I am not a huge fan of curtains to be honest. I'm not sure if it's because I live in the UK where daylight is always scarce or I just like looking at beautiful windows...



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