18 August 2012

Getting ready for my beach holiday

I'm off to Portugal tomorrow. I've had a pretty crazy July and beginning of August so can't wait to wear a bikini again and lie under the Algarve sun.  

I'm trying to get into a vacation mood by listening to the Beach boys and looking at pics in Pinterest.

I was very naughty with my  breakfast choices
in the past couple of days.....

Peanut butter and strawberry jam rice cakes! Yum

My survival kit for a beach holiday!
Raw Coconut oil,
99% Aloe Vera gel,
Coconut hair conditioner
and pure Argan oil for the face...
All from Wholefoods

I use Aloe Vera gel and Coconut oil as  after sun moisturisers. Both of these products are organic, raw and full of goodness so they are most effective calming skin treatment you'll find on the market. I usually mix these two in my palms and apply directly on my skin. Both of them are under £5.... which gives you a great value for money.

If like me you suffer from digestive problems while on vacation I highly recommend you to stock up on  good Probiotics.
They help immensely

Pure Argan oil is my moisturiser of choice when on holiday. It's one of the most nourishing anti-ageing products for skin out there. Lately I'm loving the Lovea one from Wholefoods.
It costs about £13 and lasts a couple of months.
 Read more here the benefits of Argan oil.

Portugal here I come!

London Spa Girl x

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