02 August 2012

Mr. Brainwash pop show

I've been MIA lately and I apologise. I just moved house and it's taken me a while to acclimatise to the changes ...and the piles and piles of clothes:)

Last night I went to a gallery show for Mr. Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta. He apparently is an international art star wrapped  in several layers of ambiguity. His biggest claim to fame is a starring role in the 2010 Oscar-nominated, pseudo-documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Despite the abundance of scepticism in the media and art world, Mr. Brainwash appears to still have his devotees. Apparently as early as Wednesday some of his supporters formed a huge queue outside the building, vowing to be the first people to see the show. Or were they paid "fans" hired by Mr. Brainwash himself? Or by Banksy? Are we tired of the games yet?

I definitely don't understand his art and haven't seen the film just yet and to be honest until last week I didn't even know who Mr. Brainwash was but the party venue sounded exciting, J likes him a lot and David Guetta was DJing so I said 'why not?'
Great fun for a Wednesday night.
Have a look for yourself if his pop art is appealing to you...
For more on Mr. Brainwash, visit his site here: http://www.MrBrainwash.com

J monkeying around

with J's pretty friend Zara

Dancing with Mr Micky

David Guetta DJing

Mr. Brainwash chatting with Zara Martin

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