02 August 2012

London Olympics 2012

I was extremely excited to be able to visit the Olympic village last week to watch the swimming at the Aquatic centre.

It did NOT rain that Saturday. Contrary to the predictions of the BBC (and others) there were NO thunderstorms, NO hail, NO lightning. The temperature was balmy. The visibility was perfect.

Boris Johnson was the first of the  famous faces we spotted as we was entering the village. The queen showed up anannounced in the middle of the 400m swimming qualifications which caused quite a stir. All and all it was a day full of excitement and pride to be a Londoner right at this moment.

Just wanted to point out that the military are doing a fantastic job. Colossal numbers of people are being moved through the search areas and into the park – speedily, efficiently, and with great friendliness.

Everywhere I went I saw volunteers who were caught up in the excitement of the biggest thing this city has done in our lifetimes. They are happy and proud – and so, by the way, are all the spectators I have met so far.

Boris chatting with tourists early in the morning

London Spa Girl x

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