05 November 2012

My beauty finds this month

1.Two Faced Natural face palette

2.Proactiv 3 step system

3.Organix Maroccan Argan oil conditioner

4.Organix Brazilian keratin conditioner.

1.Two Faced Natural face Palette

What’s inside…
  • Powder Blush - peachy pink colour
  • Bronze veil - medium tone
  • Crème Blush — creamy rose
  • Concealer — creamy concealer for light-to-medium skin tones
  • Luminiser — universal cream luminiser
  • Brightener — creamy brightener for light-to-medium skin tones
Natural Face (£31) is a wonderful multi-tasker, designed to help create a natural radiant look.

I really adore this palette! I think it is a must-have for medium-skinned girls who are looking to create a natural look with ease. Almost all the products in this palette worked well for me. If the concealer was just a tad darker, every single product would be just perfect!
Price: £31. That is pricey. But, look at how many products are in this kit! I think it is totally worth the price!!!

Blush - This blush is the perfect peachy-pink shade (the swatch above looks more peach, but it really is a pink/peach). It has some subtle shimmer and it looks somewhat luminous on. So pretty! This blush was one of the main reasons that I purchased the palette. I can see how this shade would be flattering on many skin tones.

Bronze Veil — golden bronze bronzer. A nice medium toned bronzer with some very subtle shimmer (shimmer is not really noticeable when it is on). I love that this is a bronzer that wears neutral on me and not orange. Love it! It is subtle and nice!

Crème BlushThis creme blush is a nude/neutral shade. I am excited about this color as I really have no other duplicates in my makeup collection. It works nicely its own or layered with the powder blush for a *super-duper* long lasting blush look. The product is quite creamy and smooth. It blends well. I apply using my fingertips. 

Luminizer: This luminizer is a shimmery champagne-pinky sparkling cream. The shimmer/sparkle is noticeable in this product when it is worn on the skin. I like to use just a touch of this on the tops of my cheekbones. The pan size is small on this one. But, that is fine as you just need the smallest touch of product!

2. Proactiv 3 step system

This is probably the most celebrity endorsed acne treatment in the world. Until recently it was only available online or telephone order but the other day I found out they sell it now at large Boots stores. I haven't tried it yet as I'm using Clearasil exfoliating pads at the moment but I'm sure I will quite soon. I like the fact that the active ingredient in these products is salicylic acid and not benzoyl peroxide which is an awful skin sensitiser.

Salicylic acid is a favourite exfoliant of mine. I recommend you using it even if you don't have acne or blemishes at all. It clarifies, brightens and smoothes the complexion. If used on a regular basis it can actually get rid of superficial lines.I really use it as a wrinkle preventer...
It's really a multi-tasker. One of my favourite products.

Proactiv 3 step system costs £39.99
You can buy it online here 

3.  Organix Maroccan argan oil conditioner - £6.99

4. Organix Brazilian keratin conditioner - £6.99

I have tried all different conditioners from the Organix line but these two are my favorites. They both have such a great fragrance and work awesome. The argan oil one I use when my hair feels dry and the Brazilian keratin when I want a straight and sleek hair. Knowing this they are sulfate and paraben free is also a huge plus. 
 I usually wash my hair with my lemon shampoo from Avalon organics as soon as I get in the shower, then put one of the conditioners, depending on what my hair needs that day and leave it on for the length of my shower. When I finally rinse it out my hair would feel so silky and smooth. I definitely recommend both there conditioners to people with a medium to very dehydrated hair. 

For more info visit Organixhair.com

You can buy it from any Boots store, Holland and Barrett or online here

You can buy from any Boots, Holland and Barrett or online here

London Spa Girl x

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