01 November 2012

Split pea soup with pancetta and avocado

For me split pea soup is the ultimate autumn comfort meal.
Today it is overcast and cold so split pea soup is definitely on the menu. I love the idea of pancetta and avocado slices in my soup as it adds somewhat of a glamour to this simple recipe.
J must have been in a soup mood too, because he’s been bugging me to make a pea soup for a few weeks already.

500gr organic split peas
Fresh organic spinach
Smoked streaky pancetta
A whole ripe avocado
Fresh mint
Black pepper

Split peas don't have to be soaked before cooking which makes thing very easy.
Simmer the peas in a large sauce pan until tender.
Blend the boiled peas and add a couple handfuls of fresh spinach and a pinch if fresh mint. Blend until spinach and mint are incorporated.
I like spinach in my pea soup. It gives it a gorgeous dark green colour.

Line the pancetta in a roast dish and roast till golden brown and crispy. Add the pancetta and sliced avocado on top of the soup.

And that's all folks!
It's that simple.
Have a look at the pictures below:

London Spa Girl x

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