08 May 2012

18 of the best antioxidant-rich foods

The word "antioxidant" has become the new key word in the health and beauty industry. Everybody knows that vitamin C is an antioxidant and we can find it in lemons or oranges. However, fewer people know that vitamin E is also an antioxidant and we can find it in… fat (oops! The prohibited word).
Antioxidant-rich foods are important because they keep you young, healthy and strong. Antioxidants help prevent onset of degenerative diseases, premature aging, cardiovascular disease and mental decline. High antioxidant menu is a great aid in preventing non-functional decrepit.

The total antioxidant power of a food can be measured using a scale called the oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC).

These foods come out on top.

 per 100g             ORAC value

* Prunes              5,570
* Pomegranes          3,307
* Blueberries         2,234
* Blackberries        2,036
* Kale                1,770
* Strawberries        1,536
* Spinach raw         1,210
* Raspberries         1,227
* Brussel sprouts       980
* Plums                 949
* Alfalfa sprouts       931
* Broccoli              888
* Beetroot raw          841
* Oranges               750
* Red grapes            739
* Red bell pepper       710
* Cherries              670
* Kiwi                  602

Fewer people know that the richest source of antioxidants is practically in every household. No, you do not have to reach for pomegranates, exotic acai berries or noni juice. The richest antioxidant source can be found right in your kitchen and it is called a spice rack.
If you are interested in staying young and sharp for many years to come you should seriously consider spicing up your meals. There is nothing more antioxidant-ish than spices. Here are some spice ORAC values. They put to shame blueberries with ease.

per 100g              ORAC value

* Ground cloves       290,000
* Dried oregano       175,000
* Dried thyme         157,000
* Ground cinnamon     131,000
* Ground sage         120,000
* Dried parsley        74,000
* Ground nutmeg        70,000
* Dried basil          61,000

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