11 May 2012

London's Broadway market

Broadway Market - in London E8 runs from London Fields park to the Regent’s Canal.The nearest Tube station is Bethnal Green

I've have been looking to go beyond the usual market scene of Borough/Spitalfields/Notting Hill mass tourist fare, so a friend of mine suggested Broadway Market...

I headed there by tube on a rainly and miserable Saturday...

In many ways Broadway Market is very nice. It feels authentic.
The main attraction here is the food (so many stalls! so much variety! so little time!)

It boasts fresh produce varying between organic fruits, vegetables, fish, colorful organic cupcakes, quiche, falafel, cakes, and my two personal favorites: hog roast sandwiches and French savoury crepes! There were  some pretty solid desert and coffee options throughout, so if you've got a sweet tooth, this would be a great place to go as well.

If you're looking for a cheap market this might not be the place to go, organic veg and exotic mushrooms aren't exactly aiming for the impoverished student. But you can still find a bargain, and if its quality you're after then Broadway market is certainly worth a look.

Warning: Hipsters alert!
Yes, there are flocks of East London hipster types that gather there around mid-day, but just roll up your jeans a bit, wear a checkered shirt, Ray-Bans and a jaunty hat and you'll blend in!:)

But! If you're willing to overlook the crowd, Broadway Market is a sweet little place to hang out with your post-Friday hangover. Unlike Spitalfields and Brick Lane, it hasn't yet been swarmed by tourists looking to see 'edgy London', and it's small enough to feel like a bustling local hotspot.

Broadway Market really does have a local non-tourist flavour, and I look forward to coming back at least once a month to have my East London awesomeness fix!

London Spa Girl x

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