12 May 2012

The Nordic Bakery in Soho

Soho, cycling, cinnamon buns, coffee, cakes and a whole lot of other wonderful things....

Today London is gloriously sunny! April and May have been too cold and wet so when I saw the sunshine this morning I jumped at the opportunity to do a little bit of cycling (my only sport activity nowadays). I was also excited to wear my fabulous new sandals from Urban Outfitters...
I'm no fashionista but I've had a crush on those ever since I bought them a couple of months ago and have been patiently waiting for the rain to stop so I could finally take them for a walk.

I'm  so sorry about this little insert, but aren't they just lovely??

Just before my bicycle ride though Hyde park I saw my girlfriends at the Kitchen and Pantry in Notting hill for a quick coffee and a catchup. When they had enough of my constant picture taking (well I'm just blogtastic...), I got on my bike and headed towards Soho for some shopping but mainly to visit the Nordic Bakery on Golden Square....

Amy making fun of my Anya Hindmarch bag.
PS. I have a secret obsession with piglets

Notting hill on a sunny day is amazing..

Piglet and bike ...

Hyde park

Kensington Palace looking gorgeous on a sunny day..

The Nordic Bakery
I've been hearing about the Nordic Bakery for quite a while now, actually quite a while, but for some reason I just never managed to venture inside and sample the delights it has to offer...
The counter set-up looks like any modern sandwich bar, but a quick glance at the food on offer immediately sets it apart as authentic, gourmet and health-minded.

Exquisite rye breads of unusually light texture surround fillings such as salmon tartare, or egg and herring (there's usually smoked salmon, ham and cheese, and cheese and pickle for the less adventurous). Karelian pies filled with rice or mashed potato and topped with egg-butter spread are not to be missed - and are filling, despite their modest size and £1.60 price tag...

Freshly baked Rye bread

Unfortunately I found the service to be less than desirable but I guess I could easily overlook that little detail since the produce is just so delightful.

I like big buns and I can not lie!
The selection of sandwiches is great, but to be honest I was there solely for their famous huge Cinnamon Buns. A good cinnamon roll is hard to find! They are rolled up like croissants instead of normal cinnamon rolls and are crispy yet soft. Freshly baked and usually a long "waiting list" at weekends. So try on a less busy day if you can, because the buns taste best when they've been allowed to cool down a little.

Freshly made Cinnamon buns

I couldn't wait to sample these!

Conclusion: I will undoubtedly return for some more coffee, rye bread and cinnamon rolls, but I'll check my service expectations at the door. That is, unless the cinnamon buns are fresh from the oven....

14A Golden Square
Greater London

London Spa Girl x

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