13 May 2012

Japan Centre in London

I admit I simply adore Japanese food. I could easily live on a sushi and sashimi diet for days. So a bicycle ride to Central London is never the same unless I visit the mecca of all things Japanese - the Japan centre on lower Regent street.

It's a bright sunny Sunday in London, so before I headed to Picadilly I met my friends for a quick coffee at Tom's on Notting Hill's Westbourne grove, my favourite brunch spot in London.

For a girl who hasn't opened a fashion magazine
in years, I think I did well with my outfit
today. I blame it on the sunny weather....
I got to wear my new leopard print ponyhair
flats which I love.

Whether it be Japanese food, books, stationary or household goods, the Japan Centre has it all. Walking in is like stepping into another world, with an all Japanese staff, and a range of unrecognisable products, from the mundane to the bizarre.

It has wonderful quick food section in the front where you can grab a bite to eat (all sorts of fresh sashimi, dumplings, bento boxes, etc). The prices are quite good compared to many high street outlets and far, far better quality...

They also sell all kinds of Japanese ingredients, which can be hard to find in the UK - an array of spices, noodles, pastes as well as sushi making kits, cook books etc. If you'd like to cook your own Japanese food (or want to try), definitely come here to find what you need. There is also a good selection of drinks and sake - Asahi beer, cold tea or plum wine, take your pick. 

Tip: Try my personal favourite Seafood Soba noodle soup which you can get at the hot food counter. The Green Tea Cheesecake is beyond good and the Pumpkin Korroke is simply divine! 

Oh, they also do home and office deliveries. Check out their website for details and menu http://www.japancentre.com/

Japan Centre
Regent Street Store

14 - 16 Regent St

Opening Hours
Mon – Sat 10am – 9pm    

Sun 11am – 7pm

London Spa Girl x

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