06 May 2012

Locanda Ottoemezzo - Italian gem

I fell for this Italian long time ago.
His name? Locanda Ottoemezzo and yes, it's a restaurant I've been flirting with for about 4 years.
This little beauty had me at hello. I remember I paid my first visit on a Saturday evening and was immediately sold.
Ottoemezzo has an excellent service, one of those menus you could order everything from and fun d├ęcor. It’s not the cheapest Italian, but not the most expensive either.
It might be standard in Italy to find a place like this, but mark my words, in London it’s quite a gem.

Ottoemezzo is up there with Zafferano  but is not a fine dining restaurant where waiters hover around you ready to top up your sparkling water glass. Its informality is its strength.
I went back to Locanda Ottoemezzo again  last night. To start with I ordered the grilled squid and rocket salad. I'm not a bonafide signorina but I still went for a primi piatti with the hope I would be able to digest it by midnight - a black squid ink linguini with crab meat. Both delicioso!

The problem with Italian food is that five or six days later you're hungry again:)..... which explains why I just had my first meal of the day...
My friend went for the goats cheese salad followed by a rich risotto with mushrooms and artichoke served in a Parmesan rind. The latter looked very impressive although it was too 'cheesy' for my fellow diner's taste.

Goats cheese salad
Black squid ink linguini with crab meat
Grilled squid and rocket salad


Having being fed a considerable amount of homemade focaccia with a moreish Ottoemezzo olive oil before my starter and main, it was impossible to carry on with dessert.

Locanda Ottoemezzo is a laidback sanctuary, perfect for a relaxed weekend dinner, while spotting some goodlooking Kensingtonians. It feels like you’re in some bohemian Italian’s home (Roberto Benigni fits the bill) – and that, can never be wrong....

Locanda Ottoemezzo is located on  2/4 Thackeray street off Kensington Square W8 5ET

London Spa Girl x

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